Phillips Connect

Technology designed to integrate with your most valuable assets

Plug-and-play design. Durable and waterproof GPS device that plugs into the industry standard ABS harness that’s easily installed with no tools. Wireless 4G-LTE modem for nationwide access to custom reports on health, status, and location. Integrated into MyGeotab for complete asset management on any device anytime.
Real time high-performance asset tracking

EZTrac (TM)

Covert tracking device that’s easy to install and monitor. immersive visibility into health, safety, and efficiency. Reliable and durable chassis, dolly, and trailer tracking with integrated GPS. ABS required.

  • Reporting frequency
    • Parked: 2 pings/day
    • On-Trip: 2 minutes or when supplied power
  • IP67 rating
  • Install time: 2 minutes
High-performance tracking with a longer battery life

StealthNet (TM)

Hidden installation with double battery capacity. Integrates with virtually any sensor for reliable, actionable insights. Keep tabs on asset health, location, and efficiency. Instantly access important data in real-time.

  • Manage and view your trailers and chassis in the Geotab platform
  • Real-time visibility and simple geofencing
  • Automated alerts configurable in MyGeotab
  • Unlimited Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Easily add sensors as they become available
  • 6 months of reporting (when battery is fully charged and asset is stationary)
  • Flawless operation in the harshest temperatures
  • 2 minute reporting when in motion
  • 2 reports per day when parked
Versatile tracking device

AssetTrac (TM)

Phillips' high-performance peel and stick tracking device built to go anywhere your assets do. Monitor any powered or non-powered asset in your fleet from a single platform.

  • Battery Life: 5,000 Events
  • Reporting Frequency
    • Parked: 2 pings/day
    • On-Trip: 1 hour
  • IP67 rating
  • Install Time: 2 minutes
High-performance tracking, with consistent power

EZTrac HE (TM)

Functional and flexible visibility into a fleet’s health and efficiency. A scalable heavy-equipment solution designed to fit any powered or unpowered asset. This includes tractors/excavators, construction equipment, trailers, chassis, and powersports.

  • 4G cellular LTE with North American coverage
  • IP67 rating
  • theft recovery device with concealed placement
  • Can be installed in most trailer nose boxes or hardwired to any power source
  • Records engine hours and mileage

(Bold) Default Behaviour

  • Reports on power up
  • Reports every 2 minutes when on a trip
  • Reports stopped events
  • Ignition on/off (optional on powered assets)
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