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Fleet Profit Center is a premier re-seller of Geotab – one of the most widely used fleet management technology systems in the world. The Geotab platform is an award winning open platform telematics system, enriched by Fleet Profit Center’s ability to customize its functionality to meet the needs of leading fleet managers.

Data analytics with the industry's top rate fleet management software

Fleet Profit Center can maximize the effectiveness of your GPS fleet tracking solution and boost your return on investment by designing and tailoring the solution to meet your business’s unique and specific needs. Fleet Profit Center takes advantage of the world’s most sophisticated “plug and play” telematics device, the GO9, to obtain second-by-second updates of your vehicle’s engine data, trip data, speed, and location. With MyGeotab, the industry’s top fleet management software, Fleet Profit Center helps you harness the power of data analytics and real-time reporting on just about anything you want to know about driver behaviour and vehicle performance – the type of knowledge that benefits the bottom line. Fleet Profit Center’s customers experience:

  • increased productivity
  • reduced costs through greater efficiency
  • improved safety
  • exceptional reporting increased compliance resulting in safer driving

Data to drive performance that can help transform your business

Fleet Profit Center customers use MyGeotab, a web-based fleet management software, to access data in real-time about their vehicles, regardless of the size of their fleet and locations of their vehicles. Data delivery can be broken down in a way that makes sense for how you manage your fleet. Large amounts of data can be broken down into manageable pieces so you can take corrective action as soon as the information is available to you.

With MyGeotab fleet management software, Fleet Profit Center simplifies of the collection of complex data and transforms it into meaningful and detailed information to help business owners and fleet managers make informed decisions about their operations. The type of data gathered and reported can be further customized by Fleet Profit Center to meet a customer’s specific needs.

Receive real-time alerts to keep on track of your drivers

Unnecessary wear and tear, increased fuel costs and vehice down-time are all a result of aggressive driving. Litigation, injuries from collisions have real costs to people, your organization and your brand. Using the tools and partner solutions available from Geotab can help you mitigate these issues.

Improve Fuel Efficiency and drive down costs

From fuel usage to fuel fill-ups, Geotab reports on all aspects of fuel to help you identify and reduce unproductive miles. With a GPS tracking system, fleet managers can achieve fleet fuel efficiency by better managing routes, vehicle speed, idling time, fuel cards, and vehicle maintenance. costs.

Detect engine issues in advance

By managing your engine fault code information, you can proactively attend to engine issues early before they turn into costly repairs or vehicle down-time. These vehicle codes quickly identify and locate the engine issue, helping you save on vehicle inspection time and costs.

Integrate & customize your GPS fleet management solution

Get more value from Geotab with Partner solutions, Geotab's APIs and Software Development Kit:

AI-powered dash cams


Cold chain temperature monitoring


Asset tracking for trailers, flatbeds and containers


Fuel usage and mileage monitoring


Engine fault reporting for proactive vehicle maintenance


Integration with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and maintenance programs

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