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Remove the boundaries of your IoT solutions with AssetLink

The true potential of your ecosystem awaits the innovation we can bring with AssetLink Global solutions. Uniquely engineered IoT solutions designed for your requirements and optimized for your needs. Stream intelligent data from anywhere in the world that will truly provide you the business edge you're looking for.

The AssetPack Mobile IoT Gateway, designed to put the global boundaries behind you

  • Global Coverage 
    • Satellite, Cellular & Hybrid Connectivity
  • Solar Rechargeable Battery With External Power Option
    • 7-10 years of no touch maintenance
  • On-Board Intelligence
    • Condition-based alarms and behaviors
  • On-Board Geofencing
    • Immediate notification and operations based on entrance and exit of a specific perimeter
  • Wide Range Of Sensor
    • Compatibility Enabling simple to complex monitoring applications
  • Standard Safe Operation In Hazardous Locations
    • US/CA Class 1, Division 2
  • Easy Installation 
    • Installs in minutes, multiple options

Simplified connectivity with Pole to Pole satellite coverage.

Best in class network covers North America, Africa, Russia, South Asia, oceans and the poles, where other networks can’t reach. Satellite orbits allow for reliable communications on north side of buildings and high latitudes, where Inmarsat and other satellite system signals are blocked. Next generation satellites being launched now to extend lifetime for 20 years Covers every rural and distant area on the planet without any cross-border roaming or dead spots.
Trusted by fleets all over Canada and the United States.

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