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Faster answers help protect your fleet—and your bottom line. Get instant access to continual video when it matters most, along with features to help you find and save the video you need—quickly and easily. See what happens in and around your fleet with the Lytx Video Platform.

Built to transform your fleet

See more, know more, and do more with the Lytx DriveCam® SF-Series Event Recorders. Engineered with state-of-the-art technologies, and enhanced with machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI), the SF-Series gives you an expanded view of risk and a better understanding of what’s happening with your vehicles and your drivers. Its always-on cellular* connectivity, continual recording, and cloud access let you see the big picture, giving you the power to evaluate, verify, and discover the critical moments you need to transform your fleet.

Find what you need, save the video you want

Use the intuitive timeline and “search-and-find” technology to easily pinpoint the moment you’re looking for. Then, transfer a clip to the Video Library or download to keep as long as you want.

  • Can capture ~100 driving hours of continual video, and can be configured to record even when the vehicle ignition is shut off
  • Search by time and date, location, or triggered events
  • Select clip lengths of up to 20 minutes

Continual video for exceptional visibility and your peace of mind

See a clearer picture of activity near your vehicles with video from up to six views.

  • Supports road view from up to four auxiliary cameras
  • Configuration options include continually recorded video from road and inside views
  • Uncover the crucial context around critical moments
Trusted by fleets all over Canada and the United States.
Lytx Integrated with Geotab

Lytx has been developing cutting-edge technologies for over 22 years.

Lytx solutions are powered by the world’s largest video and driving database of its kind in a single platform. Their database is driven by +600K vehicles, 22 years of experience, and billions of miles of driving data.

Device Specs: SF-Series Event Recorder

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