Fleet Maintenance

Take control of your preventative maintenance

With a proactive approach to fleet maintenance you keep your fleet on the road and out of the shop and maximize uptime and reduce costs.

Easily manage your fleet's vehicle maintenance

Active diagnostic fault codes and critical engine data available through the Geotab's fleet maintenance software will allow you to quickly identify and prioritize vehicle repairs. Proactive manage your time and reduce your fleet costs with Geotab.

Manage driver behavior to prevent vehicle wear and tear.

Capture and measure critical driver behavior data like harsh braking, hard acceleration and harsh cornering to reduce the toll harsh driving has on your fleet. Proactive coaching and addressing driver behavior will reduce vehicle repair costs and improve your bottom line.

Detect engine issues early and reduce vehicle inspection times and costs

Proactively address engine issues by closely monitoring your engine fault codes. With engine fault codes being reported in real-time you can quickly identify the engine issues and mitigate costly vehicle repairs and downtime.

Take control of your preventative maintenance

Using maintenance reminders and monitoring and acting on real-time fault code data will keep your fleet on the road and out of the shop. Use Geotab driver to have DVIR vehicle inspections completed by your driver, so you’re aware in real-time of unforeseen vehicle maintenance or damage.
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Fleet Maintenance Integrations

Optimized management of fleet maintenance & diagnostics

Be on the leading edge and leverage Geotab's open platform and Fleet Profit Center's custom Geotab Add-in's, or many of our partner integrations to manage your fleet maintenance and reduce vehicle downtime and administrative costs.
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FPC Maintenance Add-in
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