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Break away from the competition & demonstrate why you're the leader of the pack.

That’s where we come in. We are an innovative, agile software solutions provider, boosting fleet-based businesses ahead of the curve by combining the very best in cutting-edge fleet management and telematics software with our accomplished team of industry experts. It’s our mission to help you expand and achieve your goals, break down and solve your most mind-bending challenges, discover new out-of-the-box opportunities, and increase profitability and efficiency to bolster your business.

We’re in it for the long haul.

We create long-term partnerships by listening and learning about your business, then use our 20 years of experience and expertise to analyze data gathered through Geotab, the world’s most respected GPS fleet management and tracking platform. We don’t look for fast fixes, we look for the right fix. The data we gather over time allows us to create customized, layered, and flexible solutions that dig deep and drive lasting results to transform your business.

Capture the benefits of real innovation through true collaboration.

True collaboration, where both members of the partnership are equally invested in breaking out of the box, is key. We don’t back down from difficult problems, we work with you to face them head-on and find the right solutions to launch your business ahead of the competition. We don’t just sell systems; we build connections and deliver expertise, going above and beyond every step of the way. We’re your co-pilot, ready to put software, technology, data, and experience to work for you.

Break down the barriers with our development team and Geotab's open-platform.

Some of the modifications you might want are relatively modest. When that is the case, Fleet Profit Center’s Software Development Team can perform the required modifications and provide the directions for proper use and implementation as part of the regular Geotab fleet management tracking solution. Some of the possible enhancements, however, are more complex and require greater degrees of customization. In those cases, Fleet Profit Center can coordinate the resources of the Software Development Team to leverage the full potential of the Geotab Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop and implement a solution to address any enhancements or custom integrations.

Existing Application Integration, Customized Reporting, and Application Development

According to many leading software developers and integrators, the Geotab Software Development Kit (SDK) is the best and most versatile SDK available in the telematics industry. Geotab from Fleet Profit Centre offers more data points of connection with robust, scalable, and reliable tools. The SDK offers various features and capabilities for integration and development. From the development of add-ins to the integration of third-party add-ins, web apps, and heat maps, we have the capabilities to use the SDK feed to pull data from MyGeotab in order to provide customized reporting and customized integration.

Software Integration

Geotab's open-platform, real-time data feeds, and Fleet Profit Center's development team will allow you to unlock profitability that can further driver your competitive edge.

Synchronize data in real time, across multiple platforms

We have years of experience using the API feed to pull data from Geotab into our customer's environments to synchronize with their data driven applications. The Geotab Data Feed API is a scalable, efficient and secure method to access all the device’s data such as LogRecords (GPS and speed) StatusData (readings of vehicle measurements e.g. oil temperature or accelerometer) FaultData (fault codes reported by the engine)

Develop custom applications and Geotab Add-Ins to address your business needs

Our team has leveraged the SDK's various features and capabilities for integration and development projects wiht our customers. From the development of add-ins to the integration of third-party add-ins, web apps, and heat maps, we have demonstrated our capabilities to leverage the SDK feed to pull data from MyGeotab in order to provide customized reporting and customized integration.

An open platform, flexible API and a dedicated and capable partner to drive your business's success

The entire Geotab platform and API is designed to ensure that customers can customize effectively to meet their unique needs. Fleet Profit Center can be your partner in leveraging the system’s functions to help you achieve optimal fleet management performance.
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Fleet Profit Center & Geotab's Open Platform create a world of opportunities

You push to be on the leading edge, find new ways to embrace technology, be more efficient, and drive up your bottom line. You don't back down from difficult problems - and neither do we.
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