• GPS Fleet Tracking Software

    How can fleet tracking software enhance your business performance?

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  • Reduce Fleet Costs

    How can you use less fuel and reduce maintenance costs?

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  • Fleet Productivity

    How can you make your fleet as productive as possible?

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  • Fleet Driver Safety

    How can you reduce the risks of accidents on the road?

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  • Fleet Management Reporting

    How can you generate the reports you need to enhance your fleet’s performance?

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  • Hours of Service Elog, ELD and IFTA Compliance

    Geotab Drive Elog help fleets meet compliance regulations, boost productivity and driver safety.

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  • Telematics Solution Integration and Expandability

    How can you leverage Geotab to improve your processes and achieve business objectives?

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GPS Fleet Management

Fleet Profit Center’s fleet management solutions help you track your vehicles and drivers and generate meaningful, easy-to-use reports that help you enhance business performance. Learn more about your fuel consumption; driver behavior; vehicle health; fleet and route optimization, and more. Let powerful data drive you to higher levels of efficiency and profitability.

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Custom GPS Software

With support from Fleet Profit Center’s experts, you can customize Geotab to meet your unique fleet management needs. We can help you unlock the full potential of Geotab through its industry-leading SDK. Sample codes and projects help first-time developers hit the ground running. Geotab offers more data points of connection with robust, scalable, and reliable tools.

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Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and serving clients throughout Canada and the United States, Fleet Profit Center is a recognized leader in GPS fleet tracking solutions. With over a decade of experience in telematics and a quarter century of experience in fleet management and dispatch, Fleet Profit Center offers a deep understanding of its clients’ needs.

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