Fuel Management

Monitor, control and reduce fuel spend

By carefully monitoring your vehicles’ fuel consumption patterns, you can identify and correct conditions and behaviours that lead to increased fuel usage. You can, for example, identify driving habits that result in excess fuel usage – including harsh driving, speeding, inefficient routing, and unauthorized after-hours vehicle use. Data reporting can also be analyzed over time and compared with data from other drivers and vehicles. Fuel costs can make up 36% of your expenses – by reducing fuel costs, you can improve overall business performance.

Understand the true cost of idling

When a vehicle is running but not moving, you are not earning. In fact, excessive idling costs you money by burning extra fuel, wasting employees’ time, and creating operational inefficiencies, such as delayed deliveries. The MyGeotab software helps you measure how long your vehicles and your drivers are costing more than they should, and earning less than they should. By tracking idling time for a defined period, you can make modifications to your schedules and practices to tackle the problem. Geotab’s highly granular data collection – combined with Fleet Profit Center’s extensive consultation with your company – will generate immediate, helpful information that can be assessed in the moment, and gathered and analyzed over time.

Effectively address the key contributors to excess fuel consumption

Geotab’s GPS fleet management solutions allow you to effectively address and reduce idling, speeding, and unproductive mileage – all key contributors to excess fuel consumption. Increase your fleet’s operational efficiency through route optimization and vehicle deployment which can result in increased job completion rates, revenue growth, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Take a proactive approach to engine health and maintenance through real-time monitoring of engine fault codes. Reduce vehicle and employee down time and the overall wear and tear of your vehicles by taking advantage of Geotab’s technology. Fleet Profit Center can help you identify unproductive fleet resources and idle capacity in order to redeploy these assets more effectively.

View detailed fuel economy and idling reports

Stay on top of fleet trends with dashboard reports for fleet management fuel consumption and idling. Track total miles driven from the vehicle odometer. Know your CO2 emissions with the Green Fleet Dashboard.

Manage your maintenance to save more on fuel

Optimize your fuel efficiency with a well defined and integrated fleet maintenance plan. Use maintenance reminders and driver vehicle inspections to ensure the safety of your employees and the longevity of your fleet.

Optimize your routes to reduce fuel consumption

Geotab’s route optimization tool will help you reduce costs through reduced fuel consumption and unauthorized trips or changes in routes. The software allows you to create pre-planned routes and send them directly to drivers to see on an optional in-cab navigation device. The MyGeotab software will let you compare between planned routes and actual routes. If you develop your routes in-house from an ERP system, Fleet Profit Center’s Software Development Team can integrate them using the Geotab Software Development Kit (SDK), producing a solution that is truly customized for your exact needs.
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Fuel Management Essentials

Fuel management and visibility across the Geotab platform

Fuel is often the largest operating expense for a company. Managing fuel consumption is a key goal of most fleet managers. Geotab allows fleet managers to monitor and manage the fleets fuel consumption, which in turn improves operating costs, productivity and sustainability.

Here are a few tools and integrations that can assist you with those goals.

Geotab: Transforming Fleet Management

With the introduction of the world's first expandable plug-and-play vehicle telematics platform, users can easily connect their Geotab GO device with the IOX so as to add a variety of third-party devices.

FPC Fuel Card Integration

7 strategies to reduce fleet fuel costs

Manage what you can when it comes to fuel. Although prices are out of your control , you can learn 7 essential strategies to tackle fuel wasting habits like, idling, speeding and overall fuel economy.

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