Fleet Safety

Proactively manage the safety of your fleet and your staff who interact with it.

Geotab’s fleet safety reports provide advanced insight into your drivers’ on-road activities. Risk and safety scores are assigned to individual drivers based on various factors: speeding, seatbelt usage, braking habits, degree of corner turn, acceleration, and after-hours vehicle usage. Also, Geotab reports illustrate daily, weekly, or monthly driving trends to enable managers to develop performance benchmarks.

Reinforce Company Safety Policies

Geotab’s Risk Management Report is a customizable feature report used for loss control. It summarizes default data such as speeding, idling, distance and trips, and it can be easily enhanced by adding fleet safety rules such as reversing when leaving, speeding over the limit, driving aggressively and many more.

Driver Safety Scorecards to reward your top performers

Increase driver safety and determine how well drivers are performing relative to peers and company benchmarks with Geotab’s driver safety scorecard reports

In-Vehicle Driver Coaching and safety alerts

Recording high quality information and making it simple to set up rules that immediately coach drivers to improve their driving is what Geotab is about. Manage your safe driving policies, like speeding and idling, by playing an audible alert buzzer or with an add-on coach the driver with spoken word via Go- Talk. Immediate feedback will improve safe driving practices as drivers can then take corrective action as events occur in the field.

Measure Posted vs. Actual Road Speed for accurate reporting data

Compare driving speed with the posted road speed for local city driving, highway driving, or within specific zones. In addition to knowing driver behavior, you can observe changes in driving style depending on the environment the driver is in, such as a customer or work zone.
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Fleet Safety Integrations

The cost of ignoring, do you know your cost?

What you don’t know might be costing you. The costs related to vehicle collisions can add up. Tackle fleet safety head-on and invest in the well-being of your drivers with Geotab’s customizable driver safety reporting. Monitor these metrics and more:

  • Speeding over the posted speed limit
  • Harsh braking
  • Sharp cornering
  • Backing up while driving
  • After hours use of vehicle
  • Driving with no seat belt
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Top 3 fleet reports to improve driver safety

Building a safety culture starts with understanding current driving practices.
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Reporting solutions from the Geotab Marketplace

Get specialized reports. Track HOS violations, see your fuel economy, estimate potential fleet savings, and asses driver safety.
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