Delivery & Courier Fleet Management

Maximize operating efficiencies and control fleet expenses

Automate antiquated processes and prevent unplanned downtime with a reliable fleet management software to keep your delivery fleet on track. Fleet Profit Center empowers you to monitor vehicles, drivers, expenses, inventory and maintenance providers while enhancing visibility across your fleet.

Take control of your preventative maintenance

Using maintenance reminders and monitoring and acting on real-time fault code data will keep your fleet on the road and out of the shop. Use Geotab driver to have DVIR vehicle inspections completed by your driver, so you’re aware in real-time of unforeseen vehicle maintenance or damage

Plan Your Trips Efficiently with Route Optimization

As a manager, you understand the importance of making fast and accurate deliveries, while ensuring optimal customer service satisfaction levels. With Geotab's route optimization tools you can effectively dispatch drivers and ultimately reduce fuel consumption, mileage, CO2 emissions, and increase your organization's operational efficiency.

Track your fleet’s real-time data from anywhere

Accessing your Geotab Data anywhere, anytime will allow you to deliver first-class customer service. You’ll know when your vehicles are enroute and onsite allowing to maximize your billable hours. Ensure the safe operation of your fleet by monitoring speeding, harsh driving behaviour and excessive idling which further helps to reduce overall fleet costs.

Influence driver behaviour with robust reporting, real time driver feedback and driver coaching tools.

Geotab is all about recording high quality information, making it easy to setup behavioral rulesets and using driver safety scorecards to coach drivers and improve their overall driving behavior and safety score.

Improve Fuel Efficiency and drive down costs

From fuel usage to fuel fill-ups, Geotab reports on all aspects of fuel to help you identify and reduce unproductive miles. With a GPS tracking system, fleet managers can achieve fleet fuel efficiency by better managing routes, vehicle speed, idling time, fuel cards, and vehicle maintenance. costs.

Prevent wear and tear

While even the simplest vehicle repairs can be costly to your bottom line, they can be prevented. With Geotab’s advanced GPS and accelerometer data, you can take proactive measures to coach drivers on braking and other habits that prematurely wear your brakes and tires.

Detect engine issues in advance

By managing your engine fault code information, you can proactively attend to engine issues early before they turn into costly repairs or vehicle down-time. These vehicle codes quickly identify and locate the engine issue, helping you save on vehicle inspection time and costs.

Geotab Drive ELD, a simple and effortless HOS certified solution

Geotab's portfolio of Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solutions, including the Geotab Drive App meet the requirements of Transport Canada’s ELD mandate. With certification in Canada and self certification in the United States, Geotab is the best ELD solution for your fleet.

Integrate & customize your GPS fleet management solution

Get more value from Geotab with Partner solutions, Geotab's APIs and Software Development Kit:

AI-powered dash cams


Cold chain temperature monitoring


Asset tracking for trailers, flatbeds, containers and equipment


Fuel usage and mileage monitoring


Engine fault reporting for proactive vehicle maintenance


Integration with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and maintenance programs

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Delivery & Courier Fleet Management

See the Whole Picture

You push to be on the leading edge, find new ways to embrace technology, be more efficient, and drive up your bottom line. We are there with you all the so you leverage Geotab's open platform and gain flexibility and control of your data with custom designed or market place integrations.

FPC Delivery Dispatch Solutions


FPC Fuel Card Integration


Phillips Connect Trailer Tracking


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