About Fleet Profit Center

About Us

Fleet Profit Center provides leading-edge vehicle- and driver-tracking solutions to fleet-based businesses across North America.

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and serving customers across Canada and the United States, Fleet Profit Center is made up of a team of industry experts committed to service excellence. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, governments, and small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve operational performance.

Since 2003, Fleet Profit Center has been a proud re-seller of Geotab, the world’s most respected GPS fleet management and tracking platform. The team at Fleet Profit Center helps customers get the most out of Geotab through expert customization and exceptional support.

Fleet Profit Center has years of experience in telematics and specific experience in business management, operations management, fleet management, dispatching, wireless machine-to-machine solutions, custom integration, and technical service and support.

Fleet Profit Center is sharply focused on harnessing the power of Geotab to help each customer meet their own specific fleet management needs. With real-time GPS vehicle tracking, customized solutions, and superior service, Fleet Profit Centre helps customers improve driver safety, vehicle maintenance, policy compliance, and fleet productivity.

Fleet Profit Center will help you reduce costs and improve operational performance.

The Fleet Profit Center Approach

Fleet Profit Center doesn’t just sell systems. We build relationships and we deliver expertise. We seek to deeply understand our customers’ current and emerging fleet management needs. And then we set out to help our customers shape and achieve their goals and objectives.

We understand that no two fleets are alike, and we will take the time to understand yours.

We help our customers understand how GPS fleet management and innovative technology can solve business problems, present new opportunities, and contribute positively to the bottom line.

We leverage the experience of our national and international customers and our network of over 60 business partners to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions including mobile forms, work order management, work alone, routing, in-vehicle cameras, asset tracking, fuel management, and many other functions that can be customized to address the precise needs of each of our customers.

We work closely with our customers to implement the right GPS fleet management solutions to achieve business objectives and meet operational requirements.

We employ an Agile Software Development methodology. There are many benefits to using an Agile process to manage software development with the major benefit being the ability to quickly pivot when needed to ensure a high-quality product.


The Fleet Profit Center Solution Model


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