Fleet Productivity

Fleet Profit Center can help ensure the productivity of your fleet with real-time tracking, detailed trip recording and activity management, as well as optimized dispatching systems.

Fleet Profit Centre can help your company ensure that your fleet is as productive as possible in ways that are meaningful, measurable, easy to manage, and good for the bottom line.

From our central base in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Fleet Profit Center can help fleet managers from across Canada and the United States track and reduce late starts, excessive vehicle idling, leaving work early, unauthorized stops, and vehicle down time. Tracking, measuring, and managing driver behavior can boost productivity and revenues.

Through the industry-leading Geotab GPS tracking platform, Fleet Profit Centre uses advanced reporting and expandable features like Garmin integration and Near Field Communication (NFC) Driver ID to help you identify productivity challenges so you can make changes that reduce your company’s expenses and boost its performance.

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